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Are you a newly formed Leadership Team or want to offer strategically targeted Leadership Development across the whole team?

Mayhew Leadership offers tailored solutions, which can be delivered as part of your regular meeting schedule either as stand-alone Learning and Development sessions, or as part of a bespoke one-to -one Leadership Development Coaching series.


Are you or key members in your organisation at a pivotal transition point in your career? A new high-profile role or being considered for promotion?

Many organisations offer Executive Coaching to executives based on their pay grade making it the preserve of already successful senior leaders. At Mayhew Leadership, we firmly believe that quality coaching offered on a needs, not seniority basis, has greater potential to deliver superior outcomes. Strategic leadership interventions targeted for greatest benefit.

leadership transition coaching with Fiona Mayhew standing
Fional Mayhew shown leading a career transition coaching session

Does your organisation see a reduction in women at senior executive levels? Or key talent leave after a break due to family care or illness?

Research cites many complex reasons behind this, but one thing is certain; to re-hire, re-on-board and re-train a new individual is costly in terms of both time and money (and arguably a waste of talent!). Whilst we can’t promise to eliminate the underlying drivers, Mayhew Leadership can offer bespoke coaching programmes focused when talent retention is at its most vulnerable. Coaching interventions designed to reduce attrition risk and enhance performance and satisfaction.

Mayhew Leadership offers bespoke one-to-one Leadership Transition Coaching over 3-6 months giving support when it is needed most.


Not sure where to head next or how your current skills and strengths could serve you better?

At Mayhew Leadership we have sat on both sides of the recruitment table at various points in the career journey. Drawing on the most current career and outplacement knowledge, tools and expertise, we offer bespoke Career Transition Support whether for an internal or external move.

career transition coaching with Fiona Mayhew


For individuals:

  • Increased effectiveness and impact
  • Increased clarity of direction and purpose
  • Increased self-awareness and credibility
  • Increased confidence
  • Increase career satisfaction and progression

For businesses and shareholders:

  • Increased effectiveness and impact
  • Reduced turnover and attrition
  • Increased employee satisfaction and progression
  • Protection of and greater return on investment in key hires/ talent
  • Increased shareholder value

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